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. thank you sir. mr. rogers. >> you know sadly the 50% of the homeless are actually vietnam veterans and so this makes homelessness really a national embarrassment. in the past they had post traumatic stress disorder was claimed to be -- the people had it before they were in war, before they went through a terribly difficult time and they did not provide the people any money. fortunately with the obama administration this has changed and these people are coming back and being able to be given some money, so on the federal level i think there's some improvement. when it comes to san francisco i think we need to do more, and i would research this further and answer that question later. thank you. >> all right thank you sir. >> i am under the assumption i'm a problem solver. first you have to identify the problem and i would lump this into three groups. you have people who do not want to be helpedda that want to be live on the street. you have people that don't know where the help is and people people that want it and we need to identify the people that want to be helped that can be
including the three major projects in the pipeline. >> mr. rogers. >> if there is going to be development it could be in the trans bays terminal that is truly close to rapid transit. walking distance to bart. walking distance to the train that heads down south. this would be an ideal place for a development to occur. a place like park merced where you have 17,000 people would be moving in there. 6,000 parking stalls, a car dependent project, right next to 19th avenue. you folks know how bad that is. how would it be better if we had more people living in park merced? i don't think so. so in my opinion growth should really be stopped. that was what the voters wanted in the 1980's when they voted for proposition m. thank you. >> if i do remember about 30-40 years ago san francisco was approaching a million i think in population. might have gone over but it was close so i know that we can handle it and i am very strong supporter of the park merced project which ties into how we can increase our tax base income. you turn around and create opportunity. the government cannot create op
. >> all right. thank you sir. mr. rogers. >> i hope this doesn't seem like a continual drum beat but if they make the park merced project go forward there is going to be a lot more traffic on 19th avenue. with that said i know the cameras are slowing people from going across the yellow lights into the red lights and i think the more they put those up the more -- i think the people that drive will be careful, but really if you want to stop the traffic in park merced you just have to stop the park merced development. >> all right. thank you. >> i have a personal story about 19th avenue. i live right across the street. i know 19th avenue. i acrossed it in 65 years a million times. my father was killed nearby and i know what it's like. my father was 79 years old and he was hit so i do know. the problem is not the cars. it's just i believe if we got with the san francisco police department as well as the san francisco state police department enforce the laws that we do have you would alleviate a lot of the problems. enforce the jay walking rule. enforce the traffic light rule
. >> mr. rogers. >> i think that's a good point. i have a frent who has a rental unit down stairs and has an agency that is providing her people that would stay there and they were people that were travelers and they would stay for a month and then she would look for another tenant there and it would be another two months before she got a tenant and stay a month or two weeks so it went, so she wasn't making a lot of money. the idea that it should be rented out as a steady income to people who wanted to stay there 12 months out of the year is really the ideal solution. >> all right. thank you sir. all right. we have two final questions and then we will go to closing remarks and first question is about measure f. it's on the ballot this november and require san francisco to come with a plan and drain the reservoir and bring it back to the original state. do you support it or oppose it and why? >> i oppose it and i like water and don't want my water bill increased and it's that simple to me. >> all right. >> i agree but i think it's more complex than that. i am against the draining of he
proposal to create jobs in san francisco. >> mr. rogers. >> i like that one. you know i think that the gross revenue tax is a progressive tax and that tax would allow new businesses, small businesses able to flourish so we have something to look forward to with that. that being said treasure island seems to me a car dependent project and unless you have a ferry that is going there and dropping you off, but that would be somewhat time consuming. the same is true with hunter's point and the problem is there isn't a lot of transportation near there. the trances bay terminal next to bart, next to cal train this is a great project and has so much commuter friendly things going on there, and as far as i am concerned when it comes to development in san francisco it's got to stop. >> all right. thank you sir. >> there are three parts of the economy, the consumer, the investment and the government. the only reason thing that has grown on a rapid rate is the government. the government gets their revenues through taxation or borrowing money. the problem is the regulations are hurtin
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which i would tackle if i were elected in november. >> all right thank you sir. mr. rogers. >> yes. i think the most important thing that could be improved upon is the standardize of the fire hydrants in san francisco. presently they are not the same as the rest of the fire hydrants in california. should we have a catastrophic fighter and visiting firefighters come to san francisco in order to help us putting out the fire they can't use the same fire hydrants in the effective manner that they should. - think this should be corrected almost immediately and i think one other public thing that would be useful would be the patrolling of bart police by foot. presently they have a habit of using lethal violence too quickly and i think if they got to know the customers better they would be less likely to do that. thank you. >> thank you sir. mr. scary. >> simply it's the budget. the budget is why, why. >> >> without of whack. 1996 it was 3.$5 billion, same people, more services. today is seven point three billion people and same people and less service. the government gives you more
and metered street parking on sunday? we will begin with mr. rogers. >> well, parking on sundays in the portolla valley area is a bad idea because people stay there all day. i am sure everybody will agreeing with that, but when it comes to parking i think that this is the solution to the short fall of muni is to provide tickets and be able to give this money to muni to able to make it run better, to have it have more money, and at this point in time i think they have hired 40 additional policemen and they become more aggressive in their ticketing style in order to be able to pay for their $40,000 year living, and i think it's getting to be too much. i am against all these tickets and i think they should go back to a simpler time when they didn't have as aggressive ticket policy. >> all right. thank you. >> that supposedly generates 2.5 million dollars but i believe san francisco is one of the number one tourist attractions in the united states. it generates $9 million tax revenue a year and the buddhists say in heaven and hell is on everyday. you come into the city, can you g
century sweet, shy, gentle man named mr. rogers. i bet you do i would say that. [laughter] maybe look good friend of mine. when we were it york together we had done something and public in the morning and had the rest of the day he asked if i would take him to meet the kids i wrote about in the south bronx. he was very humble and ast if i thought that would intimidate the children. of was charmed do think mr. rogers could intimidate anybody. [laughter] i teased him. i think they can handle it. i said the quickest way is by the train. there is no trolly. [laughter] down the subway of new york than number six line is like eight minutes the poorest neighborhood in america at that time was a very, very dangerous street, the center of the heroin trade with the dealers actually rented squares on the sidewalk from the drug lords to control the street. you know, the squares of cement? we get off and we are walking to taken to the public school. i am still loyal to the schools now matter how much i criticize. i thought we are such a divided nation is like gilts. they do not want to see another eg
's what i would suggest. >> all right. mr. rogers. >> you know i think this question would have been better asked maybe last year. presently the revenue is 7.5 billion dollars generated and the year before we had only 4 billion so we're almost double what we had in terms of money. that being said i think with the gross receipt tax reform that there will also be more money coming in so really we're going to be having plenty of money, but one thing i don't think we should do is try to develop and tax developers and be able to generate money through the general fund by unbridled growth. i think this is actually a cancer for san francisco and that we really should not be doing unbridled growth. we should listen to the voters who voted for proposition m. >> all right. thank you. >> i am excited to give my answer. i'm opposed to all taxes increasing period. the government does not create any wealth. the only way you create wealth is you create opportunity. the way you create opportunity you let the free market work. you bring businesses in. you don't put your foot on the throat of
gentleman and mr. rogers. you knew i was quite as a mr. rogers. he's a beloved friend of mine. the sweetest man i ever knew. once when we were in new york together we did some in the morning together. i wrote about the south bronx he was very humble and asked if i would intimidate the children at this time and i said i think we can handle what. how does it go? no trolly it is a way of new york number six line so that it's not just like eight minutes or something for the neighborhood in america to get off the broad avenue which then at that time was a very dangerous street. was the center of the trade in the neighborhood where the dealers actually rented squares on the sidewalk from those that controlled the whole street. a whole square. you know the squares on the cement? we get up and want to take them to the public school and it doesn't matter how weak the size to address the six we criticize. i feel maybe no one here will remember who he is in the divided nation. maybe no one here -- you know, that thing hit, you know. they don't want to see another aging white man. there are two of us a
, but they reminded me today the news articles that mr. rogers had been challengedness day back in 1969. nixon threatened to cut $10 million for pbs in a very similar fight. mr. rogers went to congress and gave this testimony. >> i'm very much concerned as i know you are about what's being delivered to our children in this country and i've worked in the field of child development for six years now trying to understand the inner needs of children. i give an expression of care every day to each child to help him realize he is unique. i end the program by saying you've made this day a special day by just you're being you. there's no person in the whole world like you and i like you just the way you are. >> the head of that committee said he was so moved by that that he had goose burns and decided fine, we will give you the funding. i guess we know the tunes when is the last time anybody was actually swayed by an argument in congress no 1969 and mr. rogers did it. that's not what people are swayed by now. is it a legitimate offense for president obama to go down this route? there was something int
like are mr. rogers. i began to realize i didn't get it. that was the beginning. then i began bombing him with questions about apples and fruit. there was one moment that did change things in my perception, which is we were walking one day, i worked the fields and packing house routine, 5:00 a.m. routine. we were walking at dawn with the pickers who were all working, my brother was walking ahead of me. i saw all the shades of green, i was able to get my own ego out of the way. i thought he is amazing. this brother of mine is amazing. he has built up something astonishing here. it was almost like he was no longer invisible to me. i could begin to see him. then when i watched him walking ahead of me, i realized he has the same gape i do. we are probably so much more alike than we ever allowed ourselves to think. that was a beginning moment for me. >> one of the narratives that runs through this book, particularly as he becomes more sick in the last part of it, you are the relentless, you are going to be okay, there is going to be hope, if i make enough contacts, i'll fix this. he is the
the people. bob squirey. i appreciate your support. >> thank you. mr. rogers. >> i am glen rogers and a native son of san francisco. i went to school here wanting to do public service and i went to sonoma state and majored in sociology and when i graduated i joined the peace corps in afghanistan. after returning i saw some lovely places and i wanted to be a landscape architect. i went to colpolly pomona and encouraged me to get involved in politics. i have been working on projects like civic centers, parks, fountains, restoration projects, and i was a member of the california native plant society and board member for 15 years, and we look forward to your support. thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. lagos. >> yes. i want to thank everybody for coming out tonight and enduring us, and i just want to let you know that in my opinion district seven needs a progressive in this upcoming election i believe i'm that person. i came in second in 2008. i am the only candidate up here that ran in 2008. garnered 19% of the vote and i came in second, and i believe that we need to make
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 98 (some duplicates have been removed)